Accepting a Counter Offer…Career Suicide!!

Accepting a Counter Offer…Career Suicide!!

Accepting a Counter Offer...Career Suicide!!








Dallas, TX | Posted April 8, 2016

A counteroffer may be tempting, appealing and flattering.
But in the end; more often than not; those who accept them come to regret their actions.

Here are some reasons why NOT to accept a counteroffer:

  1. When a person quits; a company loses money and the manager looks bad. A company would rather offer you a counteroffer while they are looking for your replacement. Your loyalty comes under scrutiny and more times than not; that is when a recruiter is called and asked to do a confidential replacement search.
  2. Once you resign and then accept a counteroffer; you automatically become a risk. You threatened to quit once; it’s only a matter of time before you do it again. You will never be perceived the same once you put in your resignation and then accept a counteroffer. A smart company won’t allow themselves to be put in this position again with the same employee.
  3. If it is about money; why weren’t you worth it before you went into resign? Why does it take this act for your employer to pay you more when you are going to be staying and doing the exact same job?
  4. Remember all the reasons you wanted to quit; they ARE still the same. If money was one of them and the company is offering you more; the increase in compensation only temporarily placates you.
  5. Quality companies won’t make a counteroffer. Companies don’t liked being pushed into corners or forced to do something. A quality company wishes you well and believes that if you are not happy working for them; then you should go.

For the sake of everyone involved in the hiring process; if you are unhappy in your current position; go to your employer and discuss it. See if they are willing to make adjustments; if they do – great – problem solved. If they don’t/won’t/can’t and you decide to seek other employment and then go in to resign and the counteroffer is given – don’t accept it; you might be committing career suicide.