Secrets from a Headhunter


Here’s the number 1 tip for finding a job, become a headhunter. Well maybe not, but I will tell you that in my first 6 months as a headhunter, I was confident that I myself could get any job I want.

It’s not rocket science, but you simply see what works and what doesn’t and figure out how top performing job hunters land their dream job. I’d like to share 3 job hunting secrets that can significantly improve your job hunting endeavors and have you depositing a paycheque in no time.


The smartest thing you can do for your job hunt is connect with headhunters and recruiters on Linkedin.

Headhunters spend hours looking for people and when you connect with us, you make our lives easier because we’re looking for people exactly like you! Please understand that we want you to connect with us because we constantly need a pipeline of fresh talented individuals to present to employers.

First you need to find headhunters and recruiters in your industry and location. Use Linkedin to find these people, here’s an image to illustrate:


Due to the nature of the industry, headhunters have to be very accessible and contact information can be obtained with a basic google research. You can also initiate contact using Linkedin groups or inmails, here’s an article that explains how to do that.

Send a headhunter a message and simply introduce yourself, you have nothing to lose.


Headhunters are very knowledgeable about successful job hunting strategies and know what it takes to get hired.

Just ask, just ask us and I promise, most of us will gladly help you. Headhunters, recruiters and anyone else in HR are in the business of people and we’re usually very easy to talk to.

Give us a call, message us on Linkedin or send us an email, here’s a couple things to consider:


I will gladly spend 5 – 10 minutes writing an email to someone that asks for help because I know that my suggestions will significantly alleviate their job problems. We’re experts, we’re friendly and we’re in the business of finding jobs for job seekers, tap into this knowledge base and pick our brains, you might learn a thing or two.


When you get rejected after an interview, a headhunter or employer is going to tell you that you don’t have the right experiences or you’re not the right fit. Let me tell you a little secret, we’re all holding back the real reasons.

We’ve all been to an interview and had the interviewer scribble notes all over our resume. You need to know what they wrote about you! Maybe you talk too much, maybe you talk too little, maybe you don’t spend enough time talking about your experiences or don’t tell the employer enough about your personality.

You need to be aware of the mistakes you’re making or they’ll continue to hinder your interviews.

Make a phone call, send an email and find out exactly why you didn’t get hired. If you do this, every interview rejection will make you a better job hunter and it will simply be a matter of time until you have your dream job. Learn how to follow-up after being rejected with this Youtube video.


Alright, time to go get that dream job! Connect with headhunters, ask them for advice and make sure to follow up on every rejection.