Lame Things Most Job Applicants Say But Think Are Unique / Good

CCO of Contently, Shane Snow, hit the nail on the head with this article published on LinkedIn today, September 9, 2013. Thank you for this!

Shane Snow:


“New York City-based technology journalist and web entrepreneur. Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Contently. I got my master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and write for some cool places like Fast Company, WIRED, and Advertising Age. 

In the past, I’ve designed infogaphics for MTV, Gizmodo, and The United Nations, among others. And I’m a member of Sandbox Network, Young Entrepreneurs Council, and the Royal Society Of The Arts.”

Lame Things Most Job

 Applicants Say But Think Are Unique / Good

Creating jobs is best and worst thing about running a business. It’s the best because you can make a difference in people’s lives and choose amazing people to work with you. It’s the worst because reading bad cover letters and squirming through awkward interviews is about as fun as drinking semi-gloss paint.

Not long ago, I reviewed a couple hundred resumes for a handful of positions at m

y startup, Contently. We’re fortunate to have caught a big wave in the publishing and advertising industry, and we’ve been growing quickly. As such, I recently spent a weekend in the office reading “Objective” statements, emailing with prospective candidates, and occasionally scratching my head at clownish LinkedIn profile pics.

Fact is, most people are decent job appliers. Only a relative minority misspells the word “consideration” in the opening sentence, and a smaller number applies wit

h the email address But in my marathon review, I was reminded of a pattern that I’ve noticed now after several years of hiring:

Despite not making obvious application blunders, most people say the same clichéd things in their resumes and interviews, and all of them think they’re being clever.

Here’s a list of the egregious ones that pop up frequently:

“My experience makes me ideally suited for this position.”

“I am happily employed but would explore the opportunity to work with you…”

“I’m flexible and would love to be considered for any open position…”

“I’m a people person!”

“I take my work home with me…”

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