When Hiring Managers Look for These 7 Qualities

Integrity and maturity are among the attributes you should insist upon when hiring leaders. Top notch managers should also have advanced communication skills. “A person who is frequently misinterpreted or who always seems to rub people the wrong way just won’t be the best fit for a management position, states Robyn Tellefsen, a freelancer who writes about career education. According to Tellefsen, the following qualities are essential to look for in your future leaders:

  1. Integrity – It’s important to hire a manager that you can trust, as well as someone who will be honest and fair since they are the ones who will be setting the tone at work.
  2. Leadership – A good manager will take initiative and consistently inspire their team to do the same.
  3. Confidence – An individual who can keep their feet planted on the ground while juggling a great deal of responsibility and be able to defend their decisions, would be a great manager.
  4. Humility – Managers who are able to listen to their employees and demonstrate humility, are great leaders.
  5. Clear Communication – Effective communication is imperative in any relationship, so looking for something that can get their point across well and hear what their team has to say, would be ideal.
  6. Maturity – Someone who is able to handle issues in a professional manner, someone who can rise above the misunderstandings and someone who has self-control.
  7. Intelligence – An intelligent manager will be able to learn and understand new things and be able to resolve problems with the correct information.

No manager you hire will be perfect – but one with these must-have characteristics comes pretty darn close.

What qualities do you look for when hiring a leader?

Source: http://www.findtherightjob.com/employer/7-must-haves-hiring-management-positions/