Candidate Corner

Why Work with a KBIC Recruiter?

At KBIC, we have a goal of Market Mastery, meaning we actually understand the business you are in and where you want to go with your career. We know details about your business that recruiters who do this one day and something else the next, don’t.

Why does this benefit you, the candidate?

Because our expertise gives us credibility and rapport with the hiring manager that surpasses the connecting ability of your resume alone. Often, a candidate’s resume goes instantly into the wrong pile because one element may appear to be missing.

The Pharmacy search consultants at Kaye/Bassman has adopted these five bill rights that each candidate should expect, as outlined by the AESC’s (The Association of Executive Search Consultants).

  • Confidentiality. As a candidate, you assume some risk should your current employer learn about the search.  You should therefore have a right to expect the highest degree of confidentiality from the search firm you work with.  Kaye/Bassman works confidentially with every candidate who requests it, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Full disclosure. To make the right decision, you must be given all the information you need about the search firm, the client and the position.  We subscribe to this right for each of the candidates we represent.
  • Professional treatment. Your Kaye/Bassman search consultant should answer your questions honestly, be organized and prepared.  He/she should also respect the time you are investing.
  • Adequate process details. Your Kaye/Bassman search consultant should tell you about the time frame of the search, the steps that lie ahead, and whom you will need to meet before a decision is made.
  • No pressure. Your decision should never be hurried, and you should not be pressured to accept an offer.  We will however make you aware of deadlines and the implications of making or not making a timely decision.

Be sure to watch our helpful videos from  Eric Dickerson, Managing Director/Sr. Practice Leader, Academic Medicine Recruiting Practice

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