The Ultimate Interview Prep Sheet

The Ultimate Interview Prep Sheet - KBIC Pharmacy RecruitingIn this age of advanced technology, it’s astonishing how many people still show up to interviews unprepared. You wouldn’t show up to a final without studying, so don’t show up to an interview if your only preparation is re-reading the job description. If you’re trying to change jobs, how do you know the company you’re running to doesn’t have the same problems as the company you’re running from?

This prep sheet is not comprehensive, but it’s the ultimate guide to acing an interview, and (more importantly) making sure the job and company is truly what you’re looking for.

Research the Company

Tools (including but not limited to): LinkedIn, Glassdoor,, Yelp, BevNet

  • How many employees? (local, global)
  • How long in business? (which states, which countries)
  • How does the company make a profit?
  • What is the biggest product line / who are the biggest clients?
  • Where is the product sold?
  • Who is the competition?

Research the Job

Tools (including but not limited to):,

  • What does the job description say are the main responsibilities? Which of those responsibilities made you want to apply to this job?
  • What other job duties might this role/job title involve?
  • What position do people pursue after this role? What are the most common paths of advancement?
  • What do other people with this role say about their responsibilities on their profiles?
  • What tasks do other job descriptions for the same title say?
  • What other skills are necessary to succeed in this role?


Tools (including but not limited to): Strengths Finder, Myers Briggs, Strength Deployment Inventory, Google search terms “Career Quiz”

  • What are your strengths and areas for improvement? (two examples with detailed specifics)
  • What are your interests? (interests are not the same as strengths: what you enjoy doing is not necessarily what you are skilled at doing)
  • How do you handle stress? (give specific examples)
  • How do you handle conflict? (conflict and stress are not the same)
  • Why do you want this job?
  • Why are you leaving your former job?
  • If you get this job, what do you imagine doing in one year? In three years?
  • What are your deal-breakers and deal-makers? E.g. what makes a dream job versus a nightmare?

You may not find the perfect job, after all, there’s a reason it’s called “work”. But when you do find that job that will carry you forward on your path to excellence, a job that will make you feel like you have a purpose, don’t blow your chances by overlooking preparation. Remember the words of Benjamin Franklin: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Source: Careers in Food