Calling all Candidates! Here’s What Job Seekers Can Expect in 2017

calling-all-candidates-heres-what-job-seekers-can-expect-in-2017Candidates should expect do more online

Though the face-to-face interview will remain the most important step in the hiring process, candidates will be required to do more online. Before you meet with an employer, there may be assessment screenings, video interviews, and automated reference checking. This is quite common-place for the younger job seeker, but if you’re a bit more experienced, some of the online interactions may be new or seem strange. The best thing you can do is prepare.

Treat any video interview as you would a face-to-face interview. Make sure you are presentable and address any potential interruptions, such as ringing phones, dogs barking or kids making noise. Double check your backdrop to make sure it is neutral and professional.

When providing references online, the protocol is the same as when providing references to be reached by phone. Inform your references they may be contacted, and tell them about the job you are interviewing for.

The process is speeding up

Research shows that “reference response rate” is a factor in predicting turnover. Because of this, companies are paying close attention how quickly a candidate responds. Candidates who take longer to provide references, or whose references don’t respond quickly, may be perceived as less likely to last long term. 

Be ready to provide your best list of references before you send your application. Your references create an impression about you that potential employers will pay attention to. You want them to be ready to speak on your behalf. 

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Companies are competing for candidates

Unemployment rates are low, making this is an ideal time to seek out a new opportunity. Employers will be more open to negotiation, and more likely to be responsive to your needs. Don’t let this go to your head. First impressions are lasting and can follow you into your first days of employment. Giving off the perception that you are demanding or difficult, does not set you up for long term success.

Employers care about your interview experience 

A job seeker who has a negative experience during the interview, may turn to an online community or social media to voice their complaints. This will reflect poorly on the Company. Employers are trying to communicate more clearly, more often, and working to project an open, friendly attitude.

Prepare to Be Sourced

Employers are doing everything they can to identify quality candidates, even if the candidates are not actively seeking a new opportunity. Make sure your LinkedIn page is up to date. Do some end-of-year cleaning and privacy reviewing across your social media accounts. Even if you are completely content in your current job, take the time to really consider any opportunity that presents itself, and keep an open mind.

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Source: U.S.News