10 reasons to get excited about Legacy West!

legacy west

If you haven’t already heard, the Shops at Legacy is expanding in a big way. ‘Legacy West’, a new 240-acre, $2 billion development is well underway and we’ve got ten reasons for you to be excited. The projected completion date is Fall 2016, but we’ve obtained a sneak peak at what we could expect.

*Note: All of this information is subject to change as circumstances do change over the course of time.

1. Yard House


Known for their half-yard servings of beer, this late-night establishment offers over 100 beers on tap. On top of their large selection of beers, they also offer a wide variety of food that range from vegetarian Gardein Firecracker Wings, to Classic Cheeseburger, to several Street Taco options. If you can’t wait until Fall 2016, you’re in luck because Yard House is currently open in Addison. On top of the Legacy West location, Yard House has plans to expand to Irving next year as well.

2. Sur la Table


This upscale store specializes in cooking and dining supplies for the refined, cultivated chef. Their products are of the highest quality and their selection can’t be beat. Anyone who has spent some time whipping up a thing or two in the kitchen owes it to themselves to have a gander. For those of you not as experienced, they also offer cooking classes that are designed for people of all skill levels to enjoy. If you are curious to learn more, check out their two existing DFW locations in West Plano and also Knox/Henderson.

3. Taverna


This warm and inviting restaurant will truly provide you with an exquisite Italian dining experience right here in Texas. The chefs have spent countless hours perfecting their menu and which is reflected in the restaurant’s impeccable reputation. Their flagship Risotto dish is incredible, as is their pan seared sea bass, but most importantly, their award-winning brunch menu will soon be heading to Plano when this location opens next Fall. Check out their Knox/Henderson location for an early preview.

4. Anthropologie


Classy, elegant, and inspiring, Anthropologie offers a great selection of women’s clothing, accessories, and home decor. This hugely successful clothing store has been rapidly expanding worldwide since they were founded in 1992 in Pennsylvania. Multiple locations already exist through DFW, however we are still eagerly anticipating this one to hit Plano in the near future.

5. Shake Shack


If there’s one thing Texan’s love, it’s beef, and Shake Shack offers some of the tastiest Angus beef burgers known to man. This New York based fast-casual restaurant just recently expanded to Austin, and has now selected Plano as their landing spot for DFW expansion. As the name implies, this restaurant also offers a variety of milkshakes which have been reviewed as some of the best in the industry. If this is as popular as their New York location, be prepared for hour long waits (totally worth it, though!).

6. Velvet Taco


Taking the simple, yet delicious street taco and offering a variety of different fillings for your eating pleasure. Velvet Taco offers countless options to choose from including a Crisp Tikka Chicken taco, Fish n’ Chips taco, and also the Israeli Cous Cous taco. Take a look at their menu for a complete run down of all they have to offer, and check out the original location located on Knox/Henderson for a teaser.

7. The Rustic


Originally developed in partnership with singer and songwriter Pat Green, The Rustic has become one of the most popular bars in the Uptown area. This Texas themed establishment has a massive, dog-friendly patio filled with picnic tables and open-flamed grilling areas accompanied by a large stage used for hosting concerts. With a large selection of local beers and some great bar foods to snack on, it’s no surprise a second location is on its way. Originally The Rustic was planned to be a temporary development to be later replaced by a high-rise a few years down the line, however, due to its massive success, this bar may be sticking around a little longer than expected…

8. Sprinkles


Any dessert fan has probably been to, or at least heard of Sprinkles cupcakes. This gourmet cupcakery is known for their rotating selection of delectable cupcakes, but they also feature some delicious ice cream and cookies on their menu as well. At any given time, there’s a line out the door full of people anxiously waiting their next cupcake fix. Even with the addition of the Cupcake ATM serving treats round the clock, the store is still as busy as ever. Let’s hope this new location satisfies everyone’s cupcake appetite.

9. Suit Supply


Impeccable suiting for people who want to be seen. Since 2000, this store has provided men with the latest and greatest in men’s formal wear. Follow their Facebook page for up to date trends, fashion tips, and announcements.

10. Eddie V’s


Prime steaks, fresh seafood, and live music, what more could you ask for? Eddie V’s provides the perfect atmosphere for an exceptional dining experience. Perfect for many different types of occasions and now more convenient than ever as they invade Legacy West next Fall.

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