Flexible Approach

Regardless of the complexity or simplicity of your search, you will always receive the full benefit of our Client Focused Search approach. The facets that make up this highly effective business approach are intertwined in everything we do. Every search we conduct consists of four facets that can be broadened or narrowed based on your specific wants and needs:

Establish Priorities

  • Analyze the challenges and experience unique to the organization and role.
  • Determine the skills and knowledge required.
  • Develop customized position and candidate specification.
  • Determine the client priorities that will shape the search process.

Search Strategy

  • Conduct targeted research into competitors and sectors to find candidates with relevant qualifications.
  • Develop prospect list of those best matching the specifications and submit to client.
  • Perform in-depth competency-based interviews and determine aptitude in order to short list candidates.

Attract & Evaluate

  • Approach potential candidates to gauge their interest in the role, utilizing our insights about the candidate interests.
  • Persuade strong prospects to consider new opportunities based upon aligning client specifications with candidate’s career aspirations.

Presentation & Search Completion

  • Present qualified candidates with executive summary and appraisal.
  • Once the lead candidate is selected, conduct reference checks to further assess strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assist in compensation negotiations to finalize search and oversee candidate’s transition to client.
  • Conduct client satisfaction survey to improve service and refine approach.
  • Periodically follow-up with client and candidate once search is concluded to check on the placement’s fit within the organization and the progress of the transition.