3 Strategies For Getting A Promotion At Work


Nobody  wants to stay be “entry level” forever. Everybody, once they get in the door,  wants to work hard and prove that they are worth not just keeping around but  moving up to positions of increased importance within the company. So how do you  do that? How do you prove your awesomeness to your employer?

Here are a few ways to demonstrate your value to your company and  get promoted.

1. Fix Things That Need Fixing

Is your company constantly running into problems with its customer  service or a specific product line? If you can come up with a way to fix that  problem, you can pretty much write your own ticket…at least for a while.

You could, for example, come up with a training program for your  customer service department or research secret shopping companies so that you  can get a first-hand account of what’s going wrong. You can learn how the  product is made and find out if any advances have been made in its technology or  makeup and then apply those advances toward a patch or fix that makes the  product better.

2. Help Build the Company’s Reputation

Branding is everything these days and now, more than ever before,  companies are run by people who understand that a good online reputation is  vital to the business’s success. Find a way to build the company’s brand or  (potentially even better), repair a damaged online reputation. How do you do  this?

If your company doesn’t yet have a web presence, be the person who  builds one. Find out what people are saying about the company by reading Brand.com reviews and doing web  searches. Put together a “big picture” of how people see your company and then  put together a realistic and workable plan for building the company’s brand.

3. Ask for More Responsibility

If you aren’t sure how to prove yourself, simply asking a higher up  for something extra to do is a great place to start. “How can I help you today” is a great opener to that conversation. Or you can simply talk to your boss.  Saying “I feel that I’m ready for more responsibility and am happy to take on  whatever projects you can give me” shows initiative.

The key here is not waiting for someone to notice that you’ve  gotten good enough at your current job to be ready to take on more. Jumping in  to fill holes and asking for more work shows the company that you take your job  seriously. It will certainly make a better impression than sitting in your cube,  bored, playing Candy Crush when you think your supervisor isn’t looking.

Remember, nobody is just going to hand you a promotion. You have to  go after it. You have to pay attention to what’s happening at work and you have  to prove that you’re a valuable asset to the company. These are just three of  the ways that you can do that.

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