Books That Big-Name CEOs Can’t Stop Reading

You probably didn’t know that Mark Zuckerberg is a closet Ender’s Game fan. Or that Bill Gates has a penchant for brooding Salinger novels.

CEOs might be some of the hardest-working people in the business world, but the average chief executive still carves out a block of time every day to read. In fact, Warren Buffett admits to spending 80 percent of his day reading.

It’s no surprise, then, that CEOs are quick to rattle off some of their favorite books in interviews. When asked by an intern, James Dillon went so far as to send the company a recommended reading list. We’ve compiled the books that top CEOs named as their favorites in one awesome infographic.

Aiming for the corner office? Here’s a quick taste of what your peers at the top are reading (or used to read):