Can You Grab My Attention <10 Seconds?

The average amount of time a recruiter spends looking over a resume is about 6-10 seconds.495744921Yes, seconds. This is also true for the hiring manager the recruiter sends your resume to. Therefore, it is crucial that you spend time writing, reviewing and revising your resume. This also indicates that instead of spending countless hours applying to jobs online, take out the time to build rapport with a good recruiter and explain your story to them, in more than 10 seconds. That way, when they do represent you to hiring managers, they are able to convey your message and not just your resume.

Alice Goffredo shares what you should put on your resume that will grab someone’s attention in less than 10 seconds:

  • Your contact information – when a recruiter or hiring manager wants to contact you
  • An introductory paragraph – to tell the reader about you and make them want to read your resume further
  • Key competencies – list out your expertise in a bulleted format
  • Accomplishments – state the roles you’ve had and key accomplishments so a hiring manager will know what you can do for their company
  • Education and continued learning – so someone can quickly see if you’ve got a certification, designation, etc.