Football Season’s Over…Now What?


Football is Over: Now What? 6 Cool Hobbies for Dudes

downloadWell, it’s the middle of February, and for better or for worse, our precious Sundays have been vacated by our beloved football. But with the expiration of another season comes some great news. First, March Madness is just around the corner, and the NHL is in full swing. Secondly, MLB spring training is set to kick off as well. And lastly, the mild spring air is just a few short weeks away.

So before the spring hits us with the start of baseball and weekly yard work, now is a great time to pick up a few new hobbies to pass the time and gear up for an awesome spring and summer.
Have a home, have a hobby. Though the honey-do list is probably a few pages long at this point, take this down time to complete some old projects around the house. Now is a great time to weed and seed the lawn, or fix that leaky faucet in the bathroom. You don’t want to waste those beautiful summer days inside the house scratching items off the list. Go for it now.

Decorate your den. If you’re a wise husband or boyfriend, then you’ve willingly conceded all home décor responsibilities to your significant other. But what about the one room where you and the guys kick back and watch the games? Whether it’s your den, man cave, or whatever handle your manly retreat goes by, take the time these last few weeks of winter to make that room feel like your own. Hang up that autographed hockey jersey in a glass frame. Set up some surround sound if you haven’t already. Or take your hometown pride to the next level with a stadium print from City Prints. These high-quality prints featuring stadium schematics are nothing like the shabby stadium posters we’re used to. Printed on a premium heavy paper, these posters have a slightly metallic shimmer that makes them impossible to miss. They come in the colors of the home team, but can also be customized to suit your taste.

Ditch the fizz. Now that your den is ready to rock, you don’t still plan on serving your guests that fizzy yellow nonsense they try to call beer, do you? Instead, fill their glasses with a hearty brew you made yourself. Home brewing is easy and fun, and even better when you team up with a brewing partner. Now that football is over, you can spend your Sundays mashing some barley and boiling hops with a friend. Brew a five gallon batch and split it down the middle, so you each get about 28 12oz bottles of homebrewed awesomeness. Impress your friends with a malty Irish Red or a hoppy India Pale Ale. Since there will be some natural yeast sediment in your homebrew, it’s best to drink them from a glass. Go ahead and crack em’ open with The Bottle Wrench. Made from real steel wrenches, these hand-made openers are specifically designed for cracking open cold ones. They’re about 4.5” long, so you can keep one on your keychain if you’d like.

Want to get real crazy with your homebrew? Try giving it some natural vanilla notes by aging it in a bourbon barrel from Bluegrass Barrels. They’re made from the finest American White Oak, in 1, 2, and 3 liter sizes. Bluegrass Barrels even come with a stand and spigot, and custom engraving is available upon request.

Admittedly, as delicious as homebrew is, you’re bound to get a killer hangover if you drink too many. Dodge the morning-after regrets and chug a bottle of RESQWATERbefore you hit the hay. It’s made from all natural ingredients, and helps your body break down the byproduct that gives you those pounding headaches in the morning. The citrus taste of ResQWater is mad refreshing after a long night of dehydration.

Rebuild your wardrobe. Get your new spring and summer threads while the weather is still cool. And if you know your sizes, forget the mall traffic and shop online. Criquetmakes sophisticated, yet rugged golf shirts that are great for any occasion. They’re made with 100% organic cotton, and fit just right- not too baggy, not too tight. If you want to go a size up or down, don’t worry about it. Criquet offers free delivery and free returns on all purchases.

While you’re in front of the computer, get ready for March Madness with some stadium pants from Pennington & Bailes. These incredibly soft cotton-twill pants come with the logo of your favorite college team embroidered up and down the pant legs (the fabric is cut first, then embroidered, so no worries about that Georgia Bulldog being featured in an, err, awkward place).They’re designed to fit any body type, allowing you to focus on more important things than adjusting your pants: like your team’s 15-0 second half run.

Your body is your hobby. How did that New Year’s resolution work out? If the answer isn’t good, get back on track and prepare your body for the warm months ahead. Start riding your bike a few miles a day, or take a run in the morning before work. Set some goals in the gym and get that rewarding feeling when you set a new PR on the bench press or squat. Keep your eyes on the prize this winter, and think about how you want to look come summer.

Master the grill. One of the great things about this dull time of year is that every now and then we get a glimpse of the weather that’s yet to come. If you know that Old Man Winter has a day off coming up this weekend, plan a BBQ at the house and work on your grilling techniques. Since the weather is still cool, try grilling a roast over indirect heat for a few hours. Remember, patience is the key with grilling, so while you’re waiting, break out the pigskin and get a pickup game of football going.

Here are a few more Sweet Relish picks that are sure to make your pre-spring hobbies even more exciting.

Games like cornhole aren’t just for the spring, and are a great way to spend time with buddies. Too bad there’s always bickering over the score. Keep the score on a Scorziebeverage holder. With a soft foam interior and a stainless exterior, the Scorzie is perfect for maintaining the temperature of your drink, and your sanity throughout the game. Two sliding dials keep the score up to 21 points.

Too exhausted to play another down or throw another beanbag? Shoot some soda bottles in the air with the Aquapod. This bombastic bottle launcher can shoot a bottle up to 100 feet in the air, and comes with a pressure release valve for keeping your rocket launches safe. The Aquapod is a definite crowd pleaser.

After slaving over a hot grill all day, you probably reek of roast beef and charcoal. Instead of taking a second shower, wipe off the sweat and grease with some Dude Wipes from Dude Products. They’re saturated with Vitamin E and Aloe, and will have you smelling like a dude again in no time. Each box comes with 30 individually packaged wipes, so you can take one wherever you go.

And if family is your passion, take a chance with a game the whole family can play and throw some Snake Eyes Yard Dice. These 3.5” wooden cubes feel great in the palm of your hand, and the kids will love them too. The finished wood construction gives these dice a polished, yet rustic look, ideal for outdoor activity. If you’re new to throwing dice, the Snake Eyes website has a whole list of addictive family friendly games to try.