Give Your Resume a Face Lift

Boring resume?  How about a face lift!

Having trouble getting your resume read by hiring managers?

Probably because it is painful to read!  If your resume reads like a job description, then you are probably boring your potential hiring manager(s) to tears.  Nobody wants to read a list of your duties on the job; they want to know what you did to help in growing the company – How did you bring in new customers? Cut costs? Improve overall production?


5 Tips to Rejuvenate Your Boring Resume:

  1. Give the hiring manager(s) the answers they are looking for.  Explain in a very upfront manner how you were an absolute asset in your most recent role, to your most recent employer.
  2. Quantify your answer – I cannot stress this one enough! Numbers make a large impact on your audience.
  3. Tell your story; the best resumes clearly define your story of growth.
  4. Infuse creativity by using words that sell: achiever, aggressive, hungry, pragmatic, innovative, strategic, customer-focused, intuitive, etc.
  5. Keep the most important points at the top.  Understand that your hiring manager(s) will more than likely skim your content upon first point of contact, along with focusing mostly on the top half, so immediately illustrate how you are relevant.