Google+ Hangout Leveling the Recruitment Playing Field

24f5f79566ed80c1b83aa3aea10f8d80616aa716Social media has affected almost everyone in the world today, since it is the accepted norm of communication. If you are not on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Google+, then you are lagging behind the time, and out of sync with the world.

Companies and organizations are now using social media forums and video interviewing to gauge their employees before calling them in for interviews. Video interviews on Skype and Google+ are commonly used for hiring employees.

Google+ interviews are even preferred by employees, since it gives them a better understanding of what the company is offering them and what it expects from them before they go for an interview. People do not want their time to be wasted, as it is perhaps considered the greatest commodity in the world today, and having a Google+ Hangout allows you to get over the nervous, trying to look good phase. So when you go in for your walk in interview, you can focus on the job and its requirements.

Here are some reasons why you should consider Google+ Hangout for a job interview:


A job interview is an intimidating experience for many people, particularly if it is their first one. Having a video interview allows people to relax a little, since they are at home, while the interviewer is on their home turf. The sense of neutrality helps in calming down the person’s nerves and will allow for a better interview to be given.

Fitting In:

You can judge if the company will be a good fit for you, since you will plan to grow with the company, and the interview will give you a good idea if you fit in the plans of the company.

More Control:

You will have more control over the interview since both of you will be on a neutral site, which means that you can communicate much better, without feeling overwhelmed by a constant barrage of questions.

Saving Time:

This is one of the greatest benefits of a job interview on Google+ Hangout, since it does not take into account the time and cost of traveling for the interview. The preparation for the interview also does not take very long, and you do not have to sit outside in a corridor waiting for your turn, since you will be sitting comfortably in your home. This also helps with easing the tension that is normally