Internal and External Recruitment Strategies for Your Corporation!

recruitRecruiting is one of the hardest things that organizations have to go through. It involves an expensive and time consuming venture for a multitude of people which finally results in the hiring of employees. Most organizations sometimes make the mistake of making too many changes at once, and as a result fall from the high standards that they have set from themselves in the industry.

Change is inevitable but too much change can lead to chaos, which is something that most organizations should be wary of. One of the long standing debates when it comes to recruitment is the question which relates to, whether organizations should consider hiring internally or externally. Naturally both methods of recruitment have their pros and cons, and here is a look at some of them.

Internal Recruitment

Internal recruitment strategies are put into place when organizations decide to promote employees from within the organization to fill up any positions that may have become vacant. Many organizations even inform their employees about a possible job opening for employees within the company through emails, fliers, or bulletin boards. It is favoured by many organizations, since it helps them retain talented individuals in the company, with the thought of a possible promotion in the future.

It is also a cost effective way of recruitment, since you don’t have to market yourself to potential employees and it does not involve a lengthy screening process as well.

External Recruitment

External recruitment, like the name suggests, involves organizations to hire potential employees from outside the company in order to fill any positions that have become vacant in the company, or even to replace underperforming employees. Most organizations use the route of advertising and marketing in order to land the best possible candidate for the required position. It is a lengthy and oftentimes an expensive process which may include background checks and screenings before an employee is hired.

The Advantages of Internal Recruitment

The advantages of internal recruitment are fairly obvious, since you are promoting an employee from within the organization and they will most probably know the entire company inside out. It is important not to let sentiments play a part in the overall decision, since it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Nevertheless most organizations prefer the system of internal recruitment, since it helps them fill up positions faster and stay at a consistent level, performance wise.

The Advantages of External Recruitment

The major advantage of this form of recruitment is in the fact that it allows the company to bring in someone fresh into the company. New employees from outside the company will bring new ideas and their enthusiasm and will to perform may even be higher than employees who are in the company. It also allows the company to look at other areas where they may add employees with different skill sets and thus enhance their business potentials as well.