It’s Time to Take Another Look at External Recruiters

With the economy in an upswing there are still millions of people looking for jobs and positions remaining unfilled. Why is that? Employers say it is because they can’t find qualified individuals to fill them. With all the job boards out there you think it would be easy to fill open positions, but that’s not the case when employers are being flooded with under qualified applicants.

“Now is the time to put recruiting back into the hands of [external recruiters] and employers need to take another look at [external recruiting] as a talent acquisition solution!”

Why outsource recruitment functions to the professionals?Cartoon Crowd, Funnel

  1. “[Executive Search Consultants] recruit ahead of the need by focusing on developing relationships with the individuals that they would like to recruit before they actually need to recruit them. This is essential for building trust which is the most over-looked and the most powerful ingredient for recruiting the best talent.”
  2. It’s cost effective. “It allows the employer to focus on the profitable functions of his business and relieves him of recruiting limitations, the time-intensive and the headache oriented functions of talent acquisition.”

“Employers have become more focused on the cost of the finder’s fee and are less concerned about the cost” of dealing with an open position and under qualified applicants.

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