Kaye/Bassman Construction Team Featured in the Hunt Scanlon Media Leadership Intelligence, Executive Search 2014: State of the Industry Report

Kaye/Bassman – Sanford Rose Associates

When it comes to hiring for top jobs, companies sometimes need to take a bold leap to free themselves of old ways of thinking that are holding them back. In the record-setting days before the

Great Recession, an old-school mentality was just fine in the construction business. It was hard to argue for change back in the glory days of 2008, when the market for new projects was going great guns and contracting revenues topped $338 billion. One economic collapse and five or six years later, however, and it’s a different game. Business is gradually rebounding, for sure. But fee pressures and increasing costs have made it necessary for construction firms that want to stay profitable to develop new revenue streams. So it is that more companies have added consulting and design related services, such as Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design and Construction, to what they offer clients. New ideas and fresh perspectives, smart leaders know, are the difference between a thriving business and one that is heading toward oblivion.

To find men and women who can effect such change at the highest level of a company is some of the most impactful work that a talent recruiter could hope for. In recent years, Kaye/Bassman has helped facilitate a number of such hires. Consider, for example, the search firm’s assignment last year to help find a new President for the venerable Manhattan Construction Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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