A Guide to Apprenticeships: Kick-starting your Career in Construction

A guide to apprenticeships

Construction is a booming industry in the UK. The latest report from CITB predict that over 230,000 UK construction jobs will be created over the next 5 years.  Steve Radley, of the CITB, has said “This positive forecast should inspire more people to start apprenticeships, and more firms to take them on.”  This makes it clear that construction an appealing choice for those embarking on their careers.

Apprentices in construction are able to learn while in full time employment, have an average wage of £170 per week and are able to gain  a nationally recognised qualification. Perhaps the real advantage of  an apprenticeship is, however, the opportunity to get hands on experience. This give you a practical understanding of the industry and looks great on your CV.

While being an apprentice in construction involves a lot of hard work, the rewards can make it more than worthwhile. Salaries of qualified workers in construction compare favorably to those who have instead been to university (who will also have incurred much greater debt).

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in construction, please take a look at our infographic below. It goes through the options open to you and the qualities needed for each role.

We’re also really happy to say that Tom Laws, from the National Careers Service, has shared with us his top tips for those of you are considering being an apprentice in construction. You can read what Tom said below the infographic, where we’ve also linked to some useful resources.

Apprenticeships in construction infographic
Kick-starting your Career in Construction by PowerTool World.

Source: http://www.powertoolworld.co.uk/blog/infographics/kick-starting-your-career-in-construction/