LinkedIn Engagement Best Practices | Daily Lead Generation Activities

The most overlooked social network for lead generation and digital marketing in today’s media is LinkedIn. Here are a few tips to help cultivate your LinkedIn network into a lead-generating machine.

Take a few minutes daily to perform the following tasks and reap the benefits of a stronger referral linkedin-marketing-300x194network.

  • Review Yesterday’s Calendar

    • Invite any new connections with a personalized message reminding them of your encounter and how they came to know you. This is most important. Many people get a lot of these requests, and wait to add them in batch. Remembering you out of context may not come as easy as you think. Provide the memory-jogging info they need to make an informed connection.
  • Respond to any messages & new invitations

    • It is important to respond quickly to those who reach out to you. There are many ways people may try to reach out to you other than via phone (the old way). People’s time is precious, and they want to fire off something quick and get a quick response. Make sure to give them one. If you don’t know the person requesting to connect, ask them how you met. This can often jog your memory, or start a conversation that leads to a new business opportunity. They may have just been shopping around and not necessarily ready to start talking deal. The quickest way to find out what people are after is to ask.
  • Add value to others posts

    • Look at what your network is posting about. Is there subject you can add value to by commenting on? Try to comment (with some real insight) on at least one post per day. Help people, and others will notice.
  • Post something daily

    • Things to post:
      • Recent blog articles you have written (you are creating content aren’t you?)
      • Older successful evergreen blog articles
      • A thought or exclusive post to LinkedIn.
      • Remember to add some context to any links you post. Introduce it with a snippet about what clicking on and reading this article might mean to them.
    • I make this a daily practice, and many people tell me when we meet in person that they see my posts on LinkedIn and are reminded of what I do. This has led to many personal referrals from members of my network. Staying top of mind is the key here.
  • Check out recently connected & job changes

    • Perhaps there are opportunities to add values to others connections, perhaps not. The important thing is to stay up to date on what’s happening in your network.
    • Did Jimothy (my go-to generic LinkedIn connection) recently get promoted to VP of purchasing and is now connecting with a lot of wholesalers? Does this matter? If you are a wholesaler, it sure might. Stay in tune with what’s happening and these opportunities may present themselves more often than you’d expect.