Modern Ways to Job Search [infographic]

Are you in the market for a new job? Do you check out career opportunities elsewhere? If you’re thinking about doing a job search, first check your social media presence. Recruiters are using social networking sites to check on potential employees. Sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other sites are routinely checked by potential employers. This infographics shows some the steps you can take to improve your profile.

One of the steps given is to create a personal branding on social media sites. This entails posting pictures, comments and opinions that will show you in a good light. Another step is to follow recruiters on Twitter. Especially the ones that are in your specific industry or position. Next is to use your smartphone and download job-seeking apps. We all carry our phone everywhere and can check any updates anywhere.

Searching for a new job is never easy. It takes time and effort to craft a resume, a cover letter, interview skills, and now a social media presence. It is really easy to post inappropriate pictures, bad-mouth a boss, or criticize anyone. Yet employers review what is posted and make decisions. Remember to be careful on what you post and good luck in your job search.



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