Negotiating Your Salary

hand-shake2Asking for a raise at the office can be difficult at times, but you can still do so. Places like Dallas and Houston have a strong job market and employers do expect to hear this from their employees. But how do you ensure that you get what you want? Let’s find out what can help you in this regard.

In a recent interaction with the media a renowned hiring manager said that the job market in Dallas and Houston continues to expand, and along with this, employees are developing more skills. One of these is negotiation powers. So as the job prospects are bettering, the candidates are also improving their negotiating skills.

If you want a better salary ask your employer; he will not be surprised to hear it. Here is how you can turn the tables in your favor.

First things first; get your homework done. Find out the average salary that an individual in your position and with your experience can expect to get.  You can gain this information from the Department of Labor and other industrial reports for free. Search on the internet and you will come across many resources that can help you.

The next step involves talking to other people who are in the same profession and more or less the same position as you. Try to get an insight into the current industrial trends and find out the market information. You should also talk to your colleagues and ask them more questions about your employer like whether it is expecting growth or is it downsizing. Once you have all this information, you will be in a very good position to bargain. Your employer will know you have conducted a thorough research and your efforts will be appreciated.

Now it is time to talk to your employer. Request a performance review first because it will highlight all your achievements and contribution to growth. You should also mention all that you have achieved and the impact you have had on the bottom line for the last few months.  You can then bring in your salary when the moment is right. Be confident and remain positive. For instance, you could let your employer know that the average salary for someone in your position is around so and so. Ask him if he could tell you how to get closer to that. In return, your boss would either accept your offer or give you suggestions for improvement.

Good luck with your task.