New Cowboys Headquarters and Multi-Use Events Center to Usher in a Unique Community Amenity

Image © Gensler

Gensler has never designed anything quite like the new Dallas Cowboys Headquarters and Multi-Use Events Center in Frisco, Texas. It is a unique, mixed-use concept that combines office space, retail space, hospitality venues and a community amenity with the headquarters and practice facility for a major NFL team.

Where else but Texas would a public school district, a municipality and a professional sports team join together to create a destination that celebrates education, community and sport? High school athletes will play on the same fields where their professional heroes train. There is a nice symmetry to that. But there’s more to the story than just sports. The Multi-Use Events Center will host a full complement of city and district events like graduations, concerts, rallies and conferences.

Like many of the new urban districts we are designing, this new Frisco facility is a model of shared uses. High school athletes will play at night when the Cowboys are not practicing. Efficiencies in parking were realized because parking can be shared between office, retail and event center users.

Image © Gensler

Instead of the Frisco Independent School District, the City of Frisco and the Dallas Cowboys building their own separate facilities, they have joined together to create a state-of-the-art center that will become an exciting new visitor destination as well as a community asset.

Parking efficiency is not the only practical consideration. The facility will also have a shared central plant that will result in greater operating efficiencies.

The official ground breaking for the project took place today. Plans call for the Multi-Use Events Center and the Cowboys Headquarters to be completed by 2016.

Many of the emerging trends we are seeing in the design of sports and entertainment facilities around the world are informing the design here in Frisco. There is an emphasis on the importance of the whole arrival experience, there are places set aside for people to gather and linger, there is a full range of amenities available and dramatic views of the playing fields are provided from the office building and hospitality venues.

The design is clean and contemporary incorporating materials like limestone, glass and metal panels. The limestone is the same stone used on the Cowboys’ existing facility and stadium—an intentional bow to tradition.

What can other communities learn from this project? It will be a model of civic cooperation, vision and innovative thinking. It will provide a great alternative to downtown Dallas venues for the neighboring community. If your kid is interested in playing football, a move to Frisco may be in your future.

Image © Gensler