Nothing Personal It’s Strictly Business


Is business really ever “nothing personal”?

Can you imagine that Steve Jobs accepted it was “just business” when he was ousted from his position at Apple, the company that had been his brainchild?

Can you imagine someone saying it to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey when he was replaced as CEO? Do you think he didn’t consider it personal?

Can you imagine trying to say it that to any of the leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, bosses, and CEOs who have spent half of their lives at work and put their heart and soul – and who-knows-how-many years of their lives – into their work. How can anyone say it’s not personal?

Business is personal, because we each crave a deeper connection with our work, a connection that transcends position and power and money, a connection in which we meet needs and create something.

We all want to be valued and recognized. And we like to know that we are making a difference when we put our heart and soul into something.

“Our work reflects our personal lives, and our personal lives reflect our work.”

If you have cared for your customers, it’s personal.

If you have lost sleep over a client, it’s personal

If you have gone out of your way for a colleague, it’s personal

If you stayed extra hours to help a team member, it’s personal.

What drives us each day to get up and go to work and work long hours is the fact that we think we are making a difference, contributing to the world around us.

If it wasn’t personal, then why would we even be doing it?

“It’s not that you care that matters, it’s how much you care that makes a difference.”

When you bring the best parts of yourself to work, life, and leadership, when you make everything you do personal and connect to your work on that level, that you find the deeper meaning that connects our humanity to everything we do.

 “Having a connection to our work brings our heart to what we do.”

Lead From Within:  Heart based leaders understand it’s personal. Who you are at work has everything to do with who you are in life.

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