Positive Energy Leads To Promotions. Here’s How You Can Increase It.

8 Ways To Increase Your Positive Energy

People with positive energy are much higher performers. How is your energy at work? Here are some great tips on how to increase your positive energy at work, and hopefully lead to that promotion you always wanted.



1) At Work, Make Time To Connect With Others As People

Do you make an effort to weave relationship development into work and day-to-day actions? Even when you feel swamped, do you make time to engage with others as people and not as means to an end? If you have concern for others and make connections outside work-based roles, you promote trust and a belief in your integrity.


2) Do What You Say You’re Going To Do

Do you do what you say you are going to do? People are energized by a specific task or goal only if they can believe in the integrity of the other person (or people) involved. When energy is created, people let go of their reservations and allow themselves to become enthusiastic.


3) Make It Bigger Than Your Wants

People are energized in the presence of others who stand for something larger than themselves. The energizer often benefits from the pursuit, but the pursuit is focused on doing the right thing and not exclusively on personal gain.


4) Acknowledge The Positives, Not Just The Problems

Do you look for possibilities or identify only constraints? …de-energizers do not acknowledge positive aspects of a situation but choose instead to focus on problems… (This) approach overlooks people’s contributions and robs them of a belief that their contributions matter.


5) Criticize Ideas, Not People

 When you disagree with someone, do you focus attention on the issue and not on the value of that person’s contributions? …Energizers are able to disagree with an idea while not marginalizing the person who presented it.


6) Be Visibly And Sincerely Enthusiastic

 Are you mentally and physically engaged in meetings and conversations? …Rather than go through the motions of being engaged – something that is much more transparent than many de-energizers think – energizers physically and mentally show their interest in the person and the topic of the conversation.


7) Looks For Ways to Allow Others To Contribute

Are you flexible, or do you force others to come to your way of thinking? Energizers draw people into conversations and projects by finding opportunities for them to contribute…


8) Don’t Let Your Expertise Make Others Feel Inferior

Do you use your expertise appropriately? Expertise, if used too aggressively, shuts down innovative thinking and strips others of the opportunity to contribute.


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