Set yourself apart … Show up with a plan

30-60-90-day-roadmapSo, you nailed your initial interview and got invited back for a second… maybe even a third. How do you “Wow!” those interested in hiring you? How do you ensure that you will stand out from the rest of the competition? Show up with a plan of action!!!

In writing, detail how you will transition from your current role with X Company into your new one with Y Company. Be specific, be general – just have a course of action prepared. We would suggest having a layout of what your first 30, 60 and 90 days with Company Y will consist of so as to show those interviewing you, just how serious you are about landing this new position.

So what does that look like?

30 Day Plan: This should detail how you plan to submerse yourself into the new company’s overall culture.  Specifically, detail out how you intend to learn the company’s various systems, procedures, customers/clients, and your peers. Get the lay of the land, so to speak.  Describe how you will establish performance goals with your supervisor, list out trainings you will complete, handle all administrative/onboarding tasks, etc.

60 Day Plan: Outline how you will continue to learn about the company’s various initiatives, procedures, etc. and include how you will begin to incorporate your strengths and areas of expertise so as to create a cohesion for success.  Plan to truly grasp the “big picture” and begin to integrate with cross functional teams/partners.

90 Day Plan: The 90 day section of your plan should outline how you will continue taking what you have learned in your first few  months and apply it to your work. Describe how you plan to meet your goals and commitments. Set up a meeting to receive feedback and critiques from your supervisor and/or team; adjust accordingly. Initiate participation in “special projects”, take on additional responsibilities to expand your reach. Outline your plans for continued development.

Remember, though you might not actually end up following through with the details as you list them out initially, showing up with this amount of preparation to an interview will not only show that you are serious and organized, but it will depict your ability to show initiative and to go above and beyond without being asked to do so.  If nothing else, taking the time to envision what the first 90 days on the job will look like for you will certainly help you interview better.

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