The 10 Most Overused Words on LinkedIn


Many of us have read the generic resumes or LinkedIn profiles of eager candidates attempting to seem perfectly qualified for the position. Heck, we’ve likely been in the situation ourselves, weaving pristinely professional vocab into descriptions of our internship or startup job. We can’t really blame them.

But how much weight does such lofty language carry when all the other people applying for the job are employing the same phrasing?

Of course, we want our personal professional brands to stand out among the masses when filtered into a tall stack of CVs.

LinkedIn revealed on Wednesday the business networking hub’s top ten most overused words among 259 million member base worldwide. Each year, the site runs analytics to unearth the most popular vocab hitting the site, organizing the results by geographic and spoken language.

Before you scamper away to analyze your profile, take a look at LinkedIn’s ten terms – as well as some other stats – to ensure you know which expressions to avoid whilst sprucing up your resume.

Or just go check out local inbound marketing company HubSpot’s LinkedIn page, which the site just named one of the best company profiles.

10. Analytical

9. Innovative

8. Driven

7. Organized

6. Expert

5. Patient


3. Creative

2. Strategic

1. Responsible ( This word was overused 2x as much as any other word on our list)