The Changing Nature of Recruitment

recruitment-300x200The huge and rapid transformations in social media are changing the nature of recruitment processes.  Many businesses are now utilizing the internet to search and hire employees.

The Association for Internet Recruiting conducted a recent poll on the Internet recruiting practices of 1,000 organizations.  This study has revealed some interesting trends:

  • Over 70% of organization will be spending more on Internet recruiting next year
  • Almost half of the companies polled had hired 1 to 20% of this year’s workforce as a direct result of Internet recruiting
  • Almost 35% of companies with over 10,000 employees had at least one recruiter dedicated strictly to Internet recruiting.
  • Over 80% of the organizations studied had an employment section on their company’s website

Internet recruiting has allowed many businesses to search and hire employees from all over the world. Recruiting employees through the Internet has completely transformed the way businesses find talent.

Before the advent of employment websites, recruitment opportunities were at a minimum for people who were searching for jobs. Only large organizations were able to carry out recruitment processes at a global level.

After the introduction of employment websites, it became easier for people from all over the world to find jobs not only locally, but also on an international level. All that was required was a computer connected to the internet.

In order for any business to use Internet recruiting as a means of hiring employees, there are several things they need to understand.

First, they should understand that this type of recruiting process is not intended or designed in any way to replace the traditional hiring techniques. Face-to-face interviews still remain the best ways to select a talented workforce.

Whenever a business posts its vacancies on an employment website, it should ensure that the site offering such services respects privacy.

If a business posts vacancies on a recruitment website rather than its own website, they may be charged for these services.

No matter what the advantages of internet hiring, it also has its limitations.

Internet recruiting sometimes causes many organizations to become plagued with resumes, sometimes totally ineligible ones. For businesses depend only on internet recruitment, finding the right person for a job does get difficult at times. The reason for this is that many people are reluctant to apply for jobs online due to privacy concerns.