The True Meaning of Sacrifice: Happy Memorial Day

memorial day 2014I wonder how many of us truly understand the meaning of the word sacrifice. It means “a giving up of something for something else”. We often sacrifice our time, our money, and occasionally things that we are fond of, but not all can say that they have risked their life for their rights and the rights of others. Freedom is the norm for most and sadly it is taken for granted at times. No words can express the depth of our gratitude towards those who have risked their life or lost loved ones to protect our own, but it is important that we try.

Here are 10 simple ways we can show respect and gratitude to those who have sacrificed to protect our freedom:

  1. Use your phone – If you know a veteran or family of a veteran, call them and say thank you. Let them know you appreciate what they have done for you as an individual and for our country.
  2. Tweet! If you use the #wearegrateful hashtag, it is printed out and distributed on postcards to troops worldwide.
  3. If you know somebody who is actively serving, write them a letter or send an email. Younger children can draw a picture of a flag.
  4. Fly a flag. Enjoy showing the United States of America some respect and pride.
  5. Attend a parade to pay tribute to the veterans in the area. They are our heroes and should be treated as such.
  6. Make patriotic cookies for a veteran. Many retirement facilities have large numbers of veterans living there.
  7. Pray for the families who have lost a child, spouse, or parents protecting our rights. The grieving doesn’t stop.
  8. If you own a business, give a discount to veterans.
  9. If you live near a family of one who is serving, take your kids over and offer to do yard work, repaint a fence, or plant some flowers.
  10. Do something. We so often, don’t know what to do or say, the opportunity passes. Even fumbled words and messed up gifts show the gratitude of our hearts.

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