Top Ten Athletic Facilities [Infographic]

First, there’s Clemson University, highlighting their tennis, basketball, football, and water sports. At Clemson there’s a unique facility for almost every sport.  University of Southern Florida also has an astounding amount of tennis courts available, as well as a rather large football stadium that was built recently.  There’s UNC, with a solid 18-hole golf course, and Auburn with a soccer stadium that fills 1,500 easily.  Louisville has one of the top golf programs in the country, while Appalachian State has a four mile stretch that is considered some of the best training terrains on the east coast.  The list goes on, naming more stellar programs and facilities across the US.

When it comes down to it, we love sports.  To watch your favorite team win in a close match is one of the best pleasures in life.  These are the top athletic facilities where that can happen for you.

Best College Athletic Facilities


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