The Most Unusual Interview Qestions

For job candidates, the must be prepared to be asked anything before walking in to an interview. On the other hand, as an interviewer, you want to ask the most important questions that will get you the answers you want to hear. In many cases, job candidates have pre-scripted answers, due to the same questions being asked by interviewers time and time again. If the candidate knows what type of question is going to be put to them, then surely you’re not seeing the best traits coming from this candidate. Because at the end of the day, you want to test the person interviewing for your role. With unusual interview questions, least you’re getting that individual to think outside the box. With theses types of questions, it can separate a good candidate from a great candidate.

At the end of the day you’ve got to think of it like this. If you’re going to ask your candidate “what their biggest strengths and weaknesses” then a pre-scripted answer will be given to you from your typical job board section. In many cases, you’ll hear the same answer given to you. For the majority, most unusual questions don’t actually have a wrong or right answer. These questions give way to the candidate to demonstrate their ability to think on the spot.What’s great about these types of questions is that it steers away from the usual mundane questions that you’d usually as candidates, and for some candidates it’ll be a breath of fresh air. Usually employers ask these unusual questions to look into the thought process of the candidate. Everyone is different so each answer will be unique. Take a look at this infographic from Colonial Life and loo at some of the weird and unique questions asked by employers to their job candidates.