The Secrets to a Better Work-Life Balance

the-secrets-to-a-better-work-life-balance-pharmacy-recruitingJuggling time between the pharmacy and your personal life may often seem impossible.

Whether you’re a pharmacist or PIC helping patients in the store, or a non-pharmacist business owner in the office, all pharmacy employees know running a pharmacy is never just a nine to five job.

But, you don’t have to choose between work and your personal life.

While the business is likely your top priority, it’s important to remember to take time for yourself. In fact, a little “R&R” might even improve your productivity at work.

Learn the secrets to striking the right balance between your time at the pharmacy and at home. Here’s how.

Make the most of your time while at work

One thing you can’t buy is time, so be sure to use yours wisely.

As a  pharmacist or pharmacy manager, you have many demands on your time. Learning how to properly manage your time can help boost your productivity. And, when you’re more productive at work you’ll have more time to spend outside of your business.

Here are some tips to be more productive:

  • Create a schedule to plan out your day. (This can help you better visualize everything that needs to be done in the pharmacy.)
  • Add personal time to your calendar. (Penciling in personal time will make it more likely you’ll actually get some free time.)
  • Delegate work to other employees. (Trust your pharmacy team to help take a few things off your shoulders, to alleviate stress and lessen your workload.)
  • Invest in tools that increase productivity. (Use products like a pharmacy automation system to make your pharmacy more efficient.)
  • Be punctual. (Getting to work on time every day will help you feel better about the days you leave work a little early for personal time.)

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Don’t be afraid to say “no”

You can only fit so much in a day. It’s ok to say “no” every once in awhile.

For example, if you’re invited to speak at a local pharmacy school, but you’ve been working later hours then usual, don’t beat yourself up if you have to decline the invitation. Instead, send a good employee in your place.

Enjoy a social life

The jam-packed schedule of a pharmacist can be exhausting. Oftentimes, the only thing you may want to do after a long day of work is rest.

Instead of simply going home and completing your household chores and obligations, plan a weekly activity, such as a dinner with friends or networking event.

Even if it’s just a short hour or two, be sure to reserve time in your schedule for socializing. Looking forward to a social event can help you to blow off some steam and get your mind off work.

Disconnect from work on the weekends

Weekends are sacred for any individual working a 40-hour workweek. And, for an exceptionally busy  community pharmacist or pharmacy manager, they may be even more valued.

An easy way to strike a balance between work and home is by simply disconnecting from technology during your time off.

While you may not be able to entirely cut off all contact, designate certain times to check your phone and respond to emails.

Make your personal life a priority

Dealing with patients, finances and planning for your pharmacy’s future can often take precedence over other matters in your life. But, it’s important to make your personal life a priority.

Scheduling time to complete chores and errands can help alleviate stress during busier weeks at work. And, you’ll have more free time after work if you’ve already completed your least favorite errands.

Don’t forget that your family is your biggest support system. You wouldn’t be able to run your business without people to lean on. Make time in your schedule for a family dinner or weekend excursion. Both you and your family will appreciate your time spent outside the pharmacy.

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Start with a small change

You likely have difficulty taking your mind off work. After all, your healthcare system is successful for a reason—because you take the time to properly care for it.

Even though you may be hesitant to focus on yourself over your business, it all goes hand-in-hand.

So, start small. Take a quick walk outside or get out with one of your employees over lunch. You may be surprised at the difference a little “you time” can make.

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