Pharmacist Ranks Among Top 5 Happiest 6-Figure Jobs

Pharmacists apparently have great careers in that they can take home a 6-figure salary while staying satisfied with their job.

CareerBliss, a job search site that takes reviews of job satisfaction, pay scale, and overall employee happiness into consideration, developed a list of the top 10 jobs where workers report both happiness and 6-figure salaries.

The site created its 2016 list based on job ratings from more than 25,000 employees between January 2015 and April 2016. Considerations included relationships with bosses, work environment, resources, compensation, opportunities for promotion, company culture, and independence.

Notably, pharmacist nabbed the No. 4 spot and was the only job on the list directly related to health care.

Here are the full top 10 rankings:

1.      Chief marketing officer, with an average salary of $171,000
2.      Senior director of human resources, with an average salary of $125,000
3.      Senior project manager, with an average salary of $101,000
4.      Pharmacist, with an average salary of $101,000
5.      Senior finance manager, with an average salary of $111,000
6.      Architect, with an average salary of $101,000
7.      Director of engineering, with an average salary of $121,000
8.      Senior director of marketing, with an average salary of $138,000
9.      Chief technology officer, with an average salary of $151,000
10.  Principal software engineer, with an average salary of $110,000

“All of the happiest jobs for 6-figure salaries share 1 thing in common: their daily work impacts the lives of others in some capacity,” CareerBliss founder Heidi Golledge told Forbes.

While the company found the average salary for pharmacists who used its site to be around $101,000, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported the 2015 median pay for pharmacists was around $121,000 per year, or $48.41 per hour. The BLS also reported there were around 297,100 pharmacist jobs in 2014.

This positive ranking of pharmacists has great company. Recently, Glassdoor created a list of the 25 highest-paying jobs in America, and pharmacy managers nabbed the fifth-highest spot, while pharmacists ranked 13th.

The Gallup Poll also routinely ranks pharmacists as some of the most honest and ethical professionals in the nation. In addition, CareerCast reported that the pharmacist profession was the 29th best job to have in the United States in 2016.

Click here for the 2016 pharmacist salary guide.

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By Meghan Ross

Source: Pharmacy Times

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