5 Signs You Might Be Working For A Zombie Company

Working for a “zombie company” doesn’t mean that you are working more than 40 hours aThinkstockPhotos-514077513 week. The average person that works for corporate America works well over 40 hours a week. A zombie company is in reference to a company that can be deadly to your career. When a company is going downhill it is easy to notice that their stocks have plummeted or key executives have left or you notice people around you scrambling to find a new job. Those are all obvious factors.

“Sometimes, a company can exhibit all outward signs of life, yet already be a corpse. It’s a disaster waiting to happen — or maybe even one that has already happened. These are fast moving zombies that maybe don’t even know they’re dead yet,” shares Bernard Marr. He shares some tips on how to spot if your company falls into this category:

  1. We’re No. 1! – If a company is announcing this, be sure to identify what it took them to get there and if they are still using the same daily tactics.
  2. Dedication to vision or business model above all else – When a company is so invested in its vision, mission or business model that it does not want to keep up with its competitors.
  3. Refusing to hear negative or conflicting information – If a company is ignoring bad news or is relentlessly positive despite problems and negative reports, it is setting itself up to fail
  4. Huge debt burden – When a company is struggling to repay its debt it is a clear indication that it is sinking fast
  5. No progress – If a company is not making any progress or if you notice any sort of pattern in that direction, it is a good time to leave

If you think you are at a zombie company or know that you are, it is vital that you leave as soon as possible. Contact us to help you make the right career move for you.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/5-signs-you-might-working-zombie-company-bernard-marr