The 4 Types of Mentors You Need In Your Life Right Now

No matter what role you play in a company, having a mentor is ThinkstockPhotos-463144109key to your success. Have one mentor is good, but having multiple mentors that can help you succeed in your career is vital. Each mentor should play a different role in your life. Your interaction with each one and the frequency of those interactions should be different too. Below are four different types of mentors that Betty Liu feels you should have in your life:

  1. The Coach – Someone who will coach you through the tough times in your life and help you with work related issues.
  2. The Connector – Someone who loves connecting people because of their huge network of people that respect them.
  3. The Cheerleader – Someone who will be as excited as your mother would be when you tell them you just got a big promotion
  4. The Challenger – Someone who can help you grow and tell you when they think you are doing something wrong or if you don’t have the brightest idea.

Spend a little time today to reflect who these four people are in your life.