These Honest Mistakes Can Get You Fired

Many people assume honest mistakes won’t get them fired, but believe it or not, they can!
ThinkstockPhotos-477025350 725x490People lose their jobs due to the tiniest mistakes because they caused the biggest problem for an organization. A majority of these mistakes happen because of employee abuse of technology. Social media platforms are a great place where slip ups can happen which can result in someone losing their job. However, Dr. Travis Bradberry shares surprising other ways to get fired:

  • Over-promising and under-delivering
  • Negativity
  • Solicitation
  • A lack of emotional intelligence
  • Misusing company supplies or resources
  • Speaking on behalf of the company

So the next time you decide you do not want to invest time rechecking what you’re about to post, or thinking twice about something that quickly comes out of your mouth, just keep in mind that your job may be on the line!