Job Hunting? Follow these Twitter Hashtags!

hashtagsAre you looking for a new job? Great, you should already be aware how social media can help you with this. But do you know how to use the available tools to the utmost? For example, let’s take a look at Twitter and hashtags which are a primary element of the social network. Hashtags are a really simple way to find current openings and positions.

A hashtag is a word or phrase that precedes with an ‘#’ sign. This is used for organizing content around a specific theme or subject.  As such, when people list a job, they often make use of #JobOpening or #employment in their tweets. Search for these hashtags and you will instantly be able to view a list of relevant openings.

Which hashtags should you follow?

Though you can follow any hashtag you like, here is a list of those that should definitely be on the list.

  • #JobListing: Needless to explain, this is a tweet that advertises a job listing.
  • #JobOpening: This is again a general hashtag that is used by employers to promote their open positions.
  • #Marketing: This hashtag is relevant to a specific field only. Obviously not every tweet will contain a job posting, but you can keep yourself updated about the current news in your industry, which can do you good during an interview.
  • #GraduateJobs: If you have recently graduated or about to do so, you can use this hashtag to find entry-level jobs.

How do you use hashtags?

Once you start following hashtags, you will need to know the manner in which you can use them. Generally, there are three main purposes: the first is to find a job, the second is to build connections with hiring managers and the third is to get useful career advice. Each of these goals has to be approached differently.

If you are searching for open positions, you can quickly skim through the tweets. If you come across a job you like, click on the relevant links and apply for it or email your resume to the concerned individual. If you want to network, you will have to follow prominent individuals and try to interact with them. For career advice, you can go through blog posts which people share or you could ask a recruitment expert.

Try this out, and let us know how hashtags are working for you.


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