Want to Be More Productive? Be More Punctual

You always hear successful people say how they are always on time and never late. Yet
ThinkstockPhotos-462251959 725x485sometimes people don’t realize that correlation. Have you ever walked into a meeting late and notice that glare you get for all of those people waiting for you? Somehow your day just gets worse and worse from that point forward, right? Have you ever noticed how great your day is when you wake up 15 minutes earlier, somehow get done with all of your morning rituals faster than usual and then the rest of your day seems like a breeze and everything magically falls into place?

Richard Branson suggestions, “If you want to be more productive, then start at the start: get there on time. Whether it is a meeting, a flight, an appointment or a date, ensure you are there when you say you will be there.” When you’re on time or get somewhere at the time you committed to being there, you essentially are being respectful of other people’s time. So the next time you set a meeting or an appointment, be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes early!

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/productivity-hacks-want-more-productive-punctual-richard-branson