Why Your Resume Isn’t Getting You Interviews

With so many jobs in the market, ensuring that your resume doesn’t get overlooked is ThinkstockPhotos-505535405extremely important. When a hiring manager is looking at your resume, their instinct is to Google your name. When they do, all of your social media accounts populate. Therefore, your resume is not the only source of information employers now have.

Employers are looking for consistency amongst all of these platforms that represent you. Be sure you do your best to ensure that. Terri McClements shares three points to consider when updating your resume:

  1. Demonstrate your flexibility – highlight how you’ve grown professionally
  2. Describe your ability to collaborate – highlight projects that demonstrative effective communication and collaboration with colleagues
  3. Show your impact – highlight how you impacted an organization, your colleagues and/or customer base and how you tackeld difficult challenges while managing projects

Source: http://fortune.com/2015/07/08/terri-mcclements-resume-tips/