7 Secrets to Reinventing Your Career

According to this top human resources executive, when you’re hit with adversity in your job search – or in your life – pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move ahead. Here’s some great career advice from someone who’s been there.

I have lost my job twice in my career and, if you ask me, that’s two times too much! Add to one downsizing, the simultaneous loss of a parent and it all feels like the world has turned against you. Why me? Why do I have this storm cloud following over my head? Will it ever end?

The reality is that I was never alone. It has happened or will happen to most of us or to someone we know.

Fortunately, we are currently in a very strong employee market where opportunities abound. So, here’s my career advice. You need to pick yourself up and the faster you do, the quicker the recovery.  These are seven heartfelt and hard-earned career tips that I have learned through the years all by trial and error:

1. Define your Differentiator 

What makes you stand out in the crowd? What is the value/expertise you can bring to a company that can get you hired? This is the first crucial step in your reinvention plan. It requires a lot of self-reflection.

2. Create a Marketing Plan

Once you know what differentiates you from everyone else, create your marketing materials that emphasize your uniqueness: resume, bio, LinkedIn profile, networking documents, etc.

3. Start your Networking Campaign 

Start with friends, family and former colleagues and expand your network to professionals in a position to make introductions or hire you. Join industry and networking groups. Speak to headhunters that specialize in your area of expertise.

4. Be Active on Social Media

Create a powerful profile on LinkedIn with a professional photo and add endorsements and recommendations. Become a thought-leader in your field on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Write articles, blog. You know a lot more than you think. Share your expertise.

5. Consider Consulting, Temping

Many experts are pointing to our future in a “gig” economy where the majority of people working will move from assignment to assignment. Explore this avenue because it can often lead to a full time role.

6. Never Stop Learning  

We are now part of a knowledge-based economy and that requires all of us to constantly update our skill set to keep up with the changing times. Read, read and read books, newspapers. Attend seminars, participate in free webinars in your industry, etc.

7. Never Give Up

Many people who have changed the world were often rejected for their ideas and were told they would never succeed. Yet they persisted and made their mark on the world despite the negative reception of others. Never give up because the next door you open may be the one that changes your life!!

Andrew W. Mitchell, Managing Editor
Contributed by: Sandy M. Srebnick, chief human resources & administrative officer | growth & business transformation specialist.
Source: Ezayo
Photo Credit: Pixabay

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