Professional Dress


First impressions are everything. Before you even say hello, your clothes speak for you. That is why it’s important to dress for success. Here are some tips on how to dress professionally:

Business Professional Dress (Interview Attire):


  • Suits
    • Neutral colors are best: black, grey, brown, navy
    • Jacket sleeve length should be about 1/2 inch below your wrist
  • Pants
    • Pants are practical for site visits
    • Don’t wear capris or cropped pants
  • Skirts
    • Knee length
    • Fitted but not tight
    • No high slits
  • Shirts
    • Blouse with a conservative neck line
    • Preferred colors are white or light colors
  • Shoes
    • No sandals, try to avoid open toed as well
    • Low heels, 1-2 inches high
    • No stilettos or platforms
  • Jewelry:
    • Simple, NO big earrings
    • One pair of earrings
    • Maximum of one ring per hand
  • Handbags:
    • Small, simple professional purse/bag
    • No backpacks or large purses


  • Suits:
    • Suits should be a solid color or subtle pinstripes
    • Jacket should be buttoned while standing and unbuttoned while seated
    • Neutral Colors: black, grey, navy, brown
  • Pants:
    • Jacket and pants must match
    • Pant leg should touch the front of the shoe and fall above the heel in the back
  • Ties
    • Tie should reach your belt
    • Conservative colors are preferred
    • Avoid busy designs
  • Shirts
    • White, neutral color, or muted color with a color
    • Long sleeves
    • The sleeve should go past the suit jacket by 1/2 inch
  • Shoes
    • Polished, leather shoes
    • Wear dark socks that match the shoe
  • Accessories:
    • Conservative with watches or jewelry
    • No earrings
    • Match belt to shoes

profressional dress

Business Casual Dress:


  •  Jackets:
    • Jackets are optional
    • Trendy or casual suite are appropriate
  • Pants:
    • Dress pants or khakis
    • Avoid capris
  • Skirts:
    • Knee length is best
    • Fitted but not tight
    • No high slits
  • Shirts:
    • Blouse
    • Sweaters, cardigans, knit sweater sets
  • Shoes:
    • No sandals
    • Heels or flats


  • Jacket:
    • Sports coat without a tie
  • Pants:
    • Khakis
    • Solid color slacks
  • Ties:
    • You can wear a tie with a long sleeve collared shirt
  • Shirts:
    • Collared shirt, long or short sleeve
    • Sweater
    • Polos
  • Shoes:
    • Oxfords or loafers
    • Dark socks that match