“I am well satisfied with the partnership between St. Bonaventure University, School of Health Professions and Mr. Trey Wright and his staff at Kaye/Bassman International Corp. My charge was to build a brand new school for the University where one did not exist, on budget and an aggressive timeline. I asked KBIC to find us a Founding Director of Occupational Therapy who had the skills and enthusiasm to develop a Masters program first, a Doctoral Program second and a Baccalaureate completion program third. Trey found us a number of well-qualified candidates, many of whom would have filled the role handily. From this pool, we found an ideal fit and I could not be happier. I was pleased with the warm professionalism contact that I and our search committee had with Trey and his staff. I fully appreciated the time they took to find us candidates to interview, the attention to detail and the opportunity to have a solid choice of qualified candidates. I plan to use Trey and his crew for our next search, well done KBIC!”

Dr. Douglas Pisano
Professor & Founding Dean
School of Health Professions
Saint Bonaventure University


“I am extremely thankful for Kaye/Bassman  because they helped me find a perfect opportunity that would allow me to flourish in the future. They were timely and professional and they helped communicate what the interests and needs of the employer were. Kaye/Bassman led me to an employer that values my skill set and experience and now I can grow as a part of the team at Alliant International University.”

Stefan Jatindranath
Admissions Counselor
Alliant International University


“Andrea Jackson has been a tremendous help in the entire process including contacting me regarding the position, answering questions and providing consistent follow-up throughout the process.  Andrea was beneficial in easing my nerves with the phone interview by assisting me with interview questions and pointing out helpful tips in answering questions.  She is definitely an asset to the KBIC team and it has been a pleasure working with her.”

Dr. Tunesha Banks
Occupational Therapy
Texas Children’s Hospital


“My experience with Kaye/Bassman was really positive, they did a really great job and were always very professional. Andrea was always really friendly and very respectful of my time and only called me when there was information she needed to share. My new position is the perfect fit for me because I have a 1-year-old son and daughter on the way in the next couple of weeks and I can’t be in the office all day and meet with clients all evening so I can’t be out from 8 in the morning to 10 at night anymore.”

Sherwyn Fullington
College Counselor
Preminente College Counseling


“I truly enjoyed working with Andrea.  I have applied for several other positions through recruiters and have had poor response and communication.  Andrea always responds quickly, if she does not have the information to answer a question she gets it.   Additionally, through the search and interview process, she has provided guidance and preparation so that I can showcase my best self.  I always feel that Andrea is striving to make the best match for both me and the prospective employer. Thanks so much for all your support.  I would never have expected to have such a positive job search experience when I received the first contact from Win through LinkedIn.”

Dr. Ann Marie Potter 
Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy
Elizabethtown College


“Trey surprised me one day with a phone call asking if I would be interested in a potential placement. I said yes.  Because I had been in my current position for fourteen years and had not interviewed in a very long time, I was nervous about my interviewing skills. Trey did such a wonderful job!  I was (am) very grateful for the time Trey spent with me in preparation. He encouraged and coached me. He was very thorough. Trey made sure that I felt confident for the upcoming interview. I have never had anyone take so much time with me in discovery (skills, needs, style) and preparation. The mock interview was realistic; the coaching he provided beyond expectations. When I went for the interview, I felt confident in my ability to answer any question that might come up. In the end, this placement did not work out; however, the wonderfully thorough coaching I received from Trey is far more valuable. This experience provided the learning and growing opportunity that I needed so that when the right placement comes along, I will be ready.  Thank you, Trey!”

Donna Ward 
Administrator of Student Accounts
Criswell College


“Working with Richard Jordan at Kaye/Bassman was a pleasure. He did a fine job gathering the qualifications and personality requirements we needed for our position.  He then went and found individuals that would meet our needs.  It is not just the job description and requirements, it is also about our culture and finding the right individual to assist us as we move forward in achieving our mission of service to our students and our community.  Thanks for a job well done.”

Rebecca Ferguson
Interim Director of Labor Relations
Wayne State University


“Working with Kaye/Bassman benefited me tenfold. It was night and day compared to any other interview process that I’ve had because I felt like I had somebody that was just as excited for me to get the job as I was. They all played a big role in making me feel the most comfortable I’ve ever been in an interview process ”

Robert Melvin
Regional Admissions Representative
St. George’s University


“I had a fantastic experience with my recruiting process with Philip with Kaye/Bassman. Philip was with me every step of the way and gave me the resources I needed to be successful in my interview process. I didn’t know what to expect with the hiring process since this was my first time in higher education, but Philip made sure I was prepared. Since this is my first step into the door of higher education, I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity. I know that this is going to lead me on the career path that I want for my future and I’m glad that my recruiter was able to see the potential and passion that I had. I would definitely recommend and use Kaye/Bassman in the future!”

Monica Ridgeway
Admissions Representative
Ogle School of Cosmetology


“[I was] not really looking but beginning to consider the possibility of searching and appreciated being contacted. Communication from the first moment of contact was consistent and helpful. They were an advocate for me. I gained confidence through the supportive nature of being represented. I would use /recommend [them]. Definitely, contact them.”

Susan Dyess
Associate Dean of Graduate Nursing
Texas A&M Corpus Christi


“I am very fortunate to have crossed paths with Kaye/Bassman. I am very impressed with this company, and to the people who work with this company. I should mention Blake Phillips, I am very grateful to him. He is very pleasant, has a strategic mindset and a high degree of emotional intelligence. During the interview and employee-employer matching process, Blake exhibits professional approach and effective listening and communication skills. He provided me crucial advice to be successful in the job interview and matching process.

The mission and vision of my new employer, Vista College, is a driving force. It is a substantial guide that inspire me more to enjoy teaching and help aspiring students to meet their goals to be a successful nurse. Combined it with my experience, determination, passion in teaching, and a strong desire to help others I know  it can bring  positive innovation to my career as an educator. ”

Lawrence Castro
Nursing Instructor
Vista College


“I’ve worked with recruiters in the past but none that cared to help me do my best and were rooting me on through this meticulous process.

Everything was done professionally and in a timely manner. Taylor provided me with the right tools and information to prepare for this position.”

Satin Bibbs
Admissions Representative
Ogle School of Cosmetology


“Blake found me on LinkedIn and was persuasive without being pushy. His faith in my experience and my ability move on to a new role persuaded me to learn about the opportunity. Teaching was always something I wanted to do. I’m looking for to being able to teach and inspire adults that have chosen a nursing career with not only the scientific education but a passion for caring.

I had worked with recruiters before. They had a routine spiel, sounding like a tape recording. Blake was different. Blake was there to answer my questions through phone, email, or text. He gave me confidence that I could succeed in this role.”

Gloria Pena
Nursing Instructor
Vista College


“Blake reached out to me about a position with Vista that is a great fit for both of our needs. I was planning on retiring but this position was exciting enough to make me stay. I’m looking forward to a new method of working with curriculum with a strong company.

The information Blake provided me with was invaluable. He went over all the information about the job, the school, and the interviewers. Kaye/Bassman is more professional than other recruiters. I was never left hanging and was walked through the process. Blake was timely and ran interference. This is the first time I didn’t have to negotiate.”

Laura Alfano
Vice President of Curriculum
Vista College


“Blake contacted me about a Medical Assisting Instructor position. He was a great resource. He walked me through the interview process, and any questions I wanted to ask he helped me with. Blake helped me negotiate so that it was right for me. It was a smooth transition.

I had worked with a recruiter before but it was just matching a background to a job. With Blake, it was a relationship, having someone as motivation and guidance. I wish all graduates had a resource like Kaye/Bassman to help guide them through the search and interview process.”

Ashten Harris
Medical Assisting Instructor
Vista College


“I have worked with recruiters before but [Kaye/Bassman] was timely and more responsive. If I called with questions, I was able to reach someone quickly and have them answered. Since being in this position, Kaye/Bassman has helped fill additional open positions on my team that were hard to fill.

This position has given me a chance to empower lives and enjoy coming to work each day. I am now working with a group that has touched my life , and I look forward to future growth. I have made lifelong friends.”

Kristilyn Moses
Director of Education
Vista College

“I found Kaye/Bassman on LinkedIn. I had never worked with a recruiter before. It was very easy and [Kaye/Bassman] was responsive. I had all my questions answered. This was the next step in my career and I’m thankful Kaye/Bassman was able to help me get this role. It’s been a positive experience and I’m glad they kept in touch.”

O’Neil Fuller
HVAC Program Director
Vista College


“Everyone is always looking for that Mr/Miss Wright. Well, about a month ago Mr. Wright called me with an opportunity to teach. I relocated to the Austin area the end of March, after numerous submission of my resume. I took on a temporary job that would only last 3 to 6 months. It was the end of my third month and out of the blue Mr. Wright called with an opportunity to teach at the College of Health Care Professions.

Within a week I was hired as a Program Director – not only am I changing a student’s life, I am also guiding and supporting other teachers. Teaching is a passion and I want to take this time to thank Mr. Wright and the KBIC staff.”

Kathie Kohout
Medical Billing Program Director
College of Health Care Professions


“I felt confident in continuing to work with Trey for I could tell he understood the market really well. After Trey got to know my background he, later on, found the right opportunity and reached out to me. In the interview process, he was very clear on the leadership styles that the company looks for and he asked probing questions.

I had a good experience with him and he helped me feel confident going into the interview. I now am looking forward to the opportunity of building a campus from the ground up.”

Jim Troisi
Campus Director
Heritage College


“It was a pleasure working with both Trey and Blake. They were instrumental in preparing me for the interview and in providing me great information about the company and position I was being considered for. They walked me through the entire process and the relocation transition was very smooth. They provide all the necessary tools and their communication, follow through and follow up with me was excellent. It has been the best experience I have ever had with a recruiter.”

Shawn Shelton
Campus Director
Vista College


“I came across Kaye/Bassman through a referral and have never worked with a recruiter before.  Although it seemed like a hit or miss, in the beginning, my interview went fairly well as my recruiter prepared me to deliver what the interviewer wanted. Now, I have moved from a part-time position to a full-time licensed Instructor position and I feel it is definitely a step forward in my career.”

Scott Pounds
Cosmetology Instructor
Vista College


“I love Blake – I’ve never had anyone prep me for an interview before, so it was nice to have that. He gave me some pointers, encouragement, and tips. That helped me since at some points I felt a little nervous, but the process actually went better than I expected. The whole interview process went very smooth and very quickly.”

“Before I knew it, I had been offered a position as an Instructor of Veterinary Technology. I am looking forward to building a rewarding career, through helping others one way or another. This next step in my career will help me grow, advance my veterinary technology career, and will push me to stay on top of my game!”

Cherissa Abdul-Hamid
Chair, Veterinary Technology
Vista College


“I have been working with Blake and Trey for a good year – they always brought opportunities to the table and kept me informed on what was out there. They always made sure to find a good fit, rather than just filling a job. While I had been looking, I had been working with 4 or 5 other recruiting companies, but out of all of them Blake and Trey always kept in touch with me – they did their research and kept on top of it, whereas the other recruiting companies would lose touch with me if something didn’t work out.”

“We’ve spent many hours on the phone speaking about the different opportunities, talking about the company and organizational structure, the location, and fit. Blake and Trey are very professional in being discrete, protecting both me and the company, to ensure confidentiality in finding the right fit. They found a position for me that has the opportunity for growth and just the location I’m looking for.”

Nathan Larson
Campus President
Heritage College


“Much appreciation to Kaye/Bassman for giving me so much attention in helping me transition to a new position that is fitting to my personal needs. Blake is so awesome! He coached me along the way and he was always available. He and I established our relationship a year or so ago via LinkedIn. He always alerted me of opportunities that may be great for me and never lost touch. When I was ready to make a move he was there every step of the way, from telling me about the organization and finding out about the city, to helping me with choosing a great area to live and referring realtors etc. Thanks so much for the help!”

Alecia Heffner
Chair, Medical Assisting
Vista College


“I would really like to thank Blake for all of his awesome help along the process. I could go on and on about Blake and the process – he is by far the best recruiter I have ever worked with. Today was day one of my new job and I love it. It is the perfect fit for me. I am looking forward to learning and growing with Vista.”

Brenda Casavant
Chair, Cosmetology
Vista College


“Mr. Phillips covered a lot of the material about the position, made sure it was a good fit for both me and the college, let me in on how the hiring process would work and how long it could take. We stayed in touch two or three times a week and 90 percent of the time he answered my calls, or otherwise quickly called me right back. I had worked with my former college for 8 years so I know it what it’s like trying to find work and employees in this industry, so this was a great outlet.

It is also difficult to get a one-on-one with the hiring managers, so because of this, the recruiting aspect of it is a good way to go. They are a great resource to get an intermediate way to ask and answer questions and to get an inside look at the hiring process. Overall the hiring process went much smoother because of the difference the recruiter makes.”

Angela Hutchinson
Chair, Veterinary Technology
Vista College


“The higher education team was professionally aggressive, not pushy and very genuine with the intent to match me with the right employer. Previously we had talked about a position that I was not interested in and he understood my reasons and was very relatable. This is one of the best choices I’ve made in my career as the company holds true to allowing me to run the business and make the decisions for the programs I want to implement while still providing support and bringing great energy.

The follow up with Trey was a great conversation – I could tell he was looking out for the company as well and truly trying to match the two of us. I see myself making this a long term commitment as this is the biggest challenge in my career and yet the greatest so far. I would highly recommend Kaye/Bassman’s team to future colleagues.”

Gerald Brazell
Campus President
College for Health Care Professions


“The experience that I had with Kaye/Bassman was exceptional and the one to one guidance from Trey Wright and Blake Phillips was great in preparing me for my various interviews.  Returning to academics so far has proven to be a great step in my career and since my dissertation focus addresses the nursing faculty shortage this is a great environment to be in.  As the program chair here at Herzing University the opportunity to teach, train and mentor Registered Nurses is quite refreshing.  As Nurse Educators, we are truly making an impact towards changing the impact nursing has on the health care field as well creating measurable patient outcomes. ”

Kathy Smith
Chair, Nursing
Herzing University


“I was unaware that I could use my experience outside of clinics as an instructor. This was a direction I’ve never thought of before but it turned out to be a great decision for my career path. Blake was extremely helpful, Trey was professional, and the interview resources were a great refresher. I recommended their practice to a friend, and she actually got hired in her position a month after I did. I will be happy to recommend their services to my network.”

Jamie Wilks
Chair, Veterinary Technology
Vista College